Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh waiter, there's a FLY on my dish!

I was at Kim Bay HK & Macau Restaurant, The Spring Shopping Mall the other day with a couple of friends.

Food was horrible. The dishes we ordered had no flavour; in fact it was like the chef did not have a soul and passion to actually cook.

Then my friend discovered something horrible on his Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce with Rice:

OK, so upon closer view on the "shiny little shell" we discovered it's a...FUCKING FLY!

Oh sure, my friend who ordered the dish got his refund back. But even then the staff showed no real concern over this, and with that so ends any support from us to give our hard earned money to Kim G-AY.

You know what to do. Boycott Kim Bay Restaurant at the Spring, not just for the kind of attitude the staff showed to this incident but for the characterless taste in its food. Unless you're a fan of dirty stir-fried fly with soulless, tasteless dish.