Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lady Gaga and Madonna is coming to Kuching!

OK, so the Queen of Pop and that "Poker Face" is not the real Madonna or Lady Gaga. If the two were really here you guys would know it a freaking long time ago, and more likely the shows will be in KL than in Kuching. (Of course, with BCCK around now who's knows right?)

But hey, so what? I heard the impersonators are really, really good at singing and I'm excited to feed my curiousity if they can match (or be even better) than the real celebrities.

So come over to the Borneo Funk Fest tomorrow 5pm till 12am at Grand Margherita Hotel...and yes, if can't make tomorrow there's always Saturday :)

So if you can make sure you take a photo of these celebrities (by their own rights!) and then brag to your friends that you've actually caught in a bad romance with Lady Gaga. Rah ! Rah!