Monday, August 09, 2010

162nd Old Thomian Association Dinner

Last Saturday, I attended the 162nd Old Thomian Association Dinner.

It was held at SMK St. Thomas Kuching itself and as an ex-Thomian I loved the idea of having a reunion dinner at my own high school, rather than a typical one at a budget, er, classy hotel.

Unlike the hotels though, the school does not have a big space to do the dinner the event was divided into two parts: dinner at the carpark as shown above...

...and the boring speeches interesting performances part inside the school hall.

As I was there a little bit early, I decided to walk around the school for some "memory-lane-wtf-since-when-got-this-thing-wan!?" moment. And true enough, I did have that "gosh-time-sure-flies" feeling.

I haven't taken much photos of the school since I wanted to conserve the battery life of my phone for the videos later...but among the big changes included:

The expansion of the staff office block, where I used to get a talking to by my teachers...

...and a nicer, safer walkway down to the school canteen. Back then, the concrete path was uneven, taking quite a number of victims by making them fall.

Oh, back then the area was more plain grass than the current leafy environment. I am not surprised if various types of flower showed up here in the near future, to the joy of any boy who would flirt with a Form 6 girl with a plucked hibiscus...or possibly to court a more 'feminine' boy (as the school was notorious my time at least).

Some parts of the school remained the same as far as I could remember though like this pathway at the main building.

Anyway, enough of the tour. There was a section in the school where the organizers showcased the history of St. Thomas School. From school achievements to "The Square" student newsletter, the annual school magazine, important people who were Thomians and even the ties and badges used over the years.

Bugger, last time their ties so nice material year leh? Crappy plain dark blue cotton tie with a school logo so big you can tell which school I was from kilometres away, prompting you to call the police because I lepak outside school during school hours!

I continued to look around, hoping to see any one from my batch, or at least a familiar face. Aside from Gerald, the owner of Sarakraf and Alvin the time dinner started, I felt I was in some old folks dinner instead!

Like seriously, most of the attendees are old enough to be my father and mother...heck, some of them are old enough to be my GRANDFATHER! Thankfully I got my schoolmate to share the akward feeling, and a couple of guys at our table are actually younger than us (but are not ex-Thomians...they were here only because they have the tickets...OK...)

Maybe for the old-timers they thought I'm still a Form 5 student, escaping from the other St. Thomas students who were there to help out this event. Maybe they are right...because at that moment in time I would rather hang out and talk DOTA or teen-friendly topics to the school boys than to feel like I'm somebody's kid/boy-toy!

Food was good nonetheless. Banquet Restaurant provided the dishes.

It was raining earlier and it got heavier, so thankfully the timing was just nice for all of us to move into the school hall. After the usual welcoming speech, we were greeted with a boy playing a big Chinese drum...followed by a couple of singing performance by the school choir team.

Ah, yes, the school song! Honestly I doubt any other school songs in Malaysia is as awesome as this! I kinda forgotten the lyrics. But hey, last I sang this was nine years ago!

As the choir team left the stage, I took the chance to cuci mata...and spotted a pretty girl within the team...ah, the RM50 dinner seemed worth it already!

From there on, the night became boring, with more speeches dedicated to teachers that has no relation whatsoever to my class. On the technical side of it I couldn't quite understand why someone presented a photo of a late teacher (my father's teacher somemore) in Microsoft WORD instead of Powerpoint...

It became clear that this stage of the event was not well thought, as more and more attendees started to leave. Towards the end of the event, the MC mentioned a performance by "The Showdon", a school rock group that won the school's "Battle of the Bands" contest. And how did they fare?

OK la I guess. Who knows this video would bring them fame?

Then there was a second performance by a group of students who could play Chinese musical instruments, in which I shamefully do not know the names of such instruments. I was sure this performance would be more entertaining to the Thomians with an age difference of at least 20 years between myself and them.

Interestingly, this group of performers would later be joined up by "The Showdon" members in what the MC said "to showcase the combination of traditional music with modern music". Er, that was done many times before I'm sure.

And what song did they pick to showcase that music hybrid? RASA SAYANG of course!

I can fully understand the boys weren't exactly excited to perform that piece.

To cut it short, after the performance there was a lucky draw (only two hampers...geezz!) and another performance by the school choir team. By this time, most of the attendess had left and I was paying more attention to that pretty choir girl than filming.

Maybe if I actually had my ex classmates together the night would be a little bit more interesting...but knowing my mates well we would be celebrating our reunion at a pub with lots of beer and not cordial orange juice.

In my humble opinion, I feel this dinner would be better if there was a school play by the current students, portraying the history of St. Thomas and the unity we had among Thomians...otherwise it looks like the next reunion dinner will most likely be at a hotel again.

In due time, I might consider joining the organising committee. Whether I am dedicated to the cause or prepared for some kind of internal politics remains to be seen. All I know is they could use a young blood...a kid to spice up this event!

And now would you excuse me, I got Starcraft 2 to finish!


robin said...

Gosh, reading this entry of yours leave warm tinggling sensation all over my body !! Ok that came out not so right ahahahaha...
But yeah, I think we all miss St Thomas. I will try to find time to photography the school in my next trip home.

Ah_Mike said...

LOL I am trying my best not to imagine what you just said!

Anyway it'll be awesome should you take photos of the school. St. Thomas deserves a beautiful set of photos for memories. And you can sell it to the management muahaha

Dr Tan Poh Tin said...

thanks for your fun posting about our "old school".
The Old Thomian Association will be having its AGM sometime in April - perhaps those in Kuching interested in contributing ideas and time can come and join us in the committee.
do join us on facebook -
If u have any suggestions how to make the OTA dinners more inspiring and less dreary, do write to us.
AIM Higher

class of 69/70 (ancient!!)