Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Has Kim Bay won me back as a customer after the fly incident?

"What? Your boss didn't tell you to reserve a couple of vouchers for me??" I said, amused with the answer I just heard.

"Yes, nothing from boss leh..." the cashier replied.

Oh, the catastrophe! And here I was with my friend hoping this restaurant could convince us to drop our boycott and have our dinner with them...

Back in June 28, I blogged about my disgust with Kim Bay HK & Macau Restaurant at The Spring Shopping Mall. At that time, I decided to boycott them as a result of the incident. The soulless meal as well as the staff's indifference towards the incident triggered my action to not step into Kim Bay ever again.

A couple of weeks later however, I received a phone call while I was at work.

Me: "Hello?"
A man with a polite voice: "Hie is this Ah_Mike?"
Me: "Yes I am. May I know who's this?"
Polite voice: "My name's Steven and I'm calling from Kim Bay Restaurant..."

I stopped doing my work the moment I heard that. My mind was clouded with pessimistic thoughts...something along the lines of "if you dare to talk shit about my restaurant again I will beat you up/sue you/rape you/call mommy".

Of course, that wasn't the case:
Steven: "I got your number from your friend Louis Wong. I called because I heard about your complain from him..."
Me: "Uhuh..."
Steven: "and I would like to sincerely apologize for the unfortunate incident. As such, I would like to offer you two vouchers to eat at Kim Bay for free."
Me: "EHHHH???"

I was really taken aback by his words. Seriously, this is the kind of customer relations you wish a lot of companies (especially companies in Kuching) should do!

So I told my friend about the vouchers but since he was away for a holiday, I had to wait until he was back in Kuching. After his return and a few more schedule clashes we finally meet up for dinner at Kim Bay last Sunday.

I was told by Steven I could pick up the vouchers at the counter, which I did just that. Who would have thought the staff was not aware about that.

"So how?" I asked, with my irritation level going dangerously high.
"Er...sir, maybe you can pay first?"
"No, I came here to use the voucher by tonight."
"Err...how about I get your contact first, then I let the management call you on Monday? So you can eat first no need to pay tonight"
"OK la"

So my friend and I sat down and looked at the menu. We knew the vouchers were worth 10 ringgit each so obviously we were looking at the dishes under RM10:

I went for the French Style Fried Rice:

Drinks wise we both ordered Jasmine Tea...otherwise "over-budget" liao!

It wasn't long before my dish came...

This was his:

Hey they both look very much like in the menu!

And our food review?

When we were done with our meals, there was a man who approached our table. He's Albert, a relative to Steven, and he came all the way just to pass us our vouchers!

That was a really nice thing to do; coming to meet the customer instead of waiting. It was also nice of him to sit down and just have a small chat with us.

But we didn't get to use it. While we were at the counter to pay using the vouchers, Albert treated us for the dinner! OK so maybe RM20 was nothing to him but still...we only knew him for like 10 minutes somemore.

So as a conclusion, yes I will be coming back to Kim Bay. No more boycott...but of course I'm not saying the food's all fantastic at Kim Bay, but neither was it crap like the lunch set I had the other day. According to Albert the fly case was only the 2nd case in their time of operations (the other being some sort of a bug). I will certainly bring my other friends to eat at Kim Bay again...and of course our honest opinions of our food for customer feedback :)

We know things like this is unavoidable...but if restaurants make the effort to apologize and win back customers I'm sure their business will be better.


Cyril Dason said...

I agree that restaurants should emphasis on customer service. I notice, somehow,a lot of the cashiers in restaurants/businesses are not aware of promotions given out by their respective owners.

This should be addressed because as the person with the voucher/discount.. we expect to use it, and to be embarrassed over having to argue over the ability to use such voucher/discounts is simply a turn off.

William said...

We were served a small live cockroach in Rojak. It was swimming in the sauce. We complained and they replaced it with another dish only! Should demand for a free food!

Bengbeng said...

this is the coolest food review i have come across in a blog. i hopped over from facebook after watching yr video on the S'wak bloggers thingy video

Ah_Mike said...

Cyril: Yea, shame really very few restaurants put a lot of effort on customer service. For Kim Bay's voucher cash, the boss said he informed another cashier a month ago but the cashier has since resigned and the new one had no clue about it.

William: OMG where's this? Ewwww cockroach's worst than a fly!!

Beng: WOW! thank you very much for your comments bro; I'm no food blogger so this is quite a compliment to me *blush blush lol wtf*