Friday, September 17, 2010

1 Sarawak Commercial (and the inspiration behind it)

10 years ago, when Facebook, Twitter and especially YouTube has yet to exist, there was a certain video clip which I received by email. This video clip was a commercial was about a group of American friends who has their unique way to greet each other. It was made for Budweiser and it was a pop culture throughout the world thanks to the Internet.

The video clip was none other than the famous 'Wassup' commercial written and directed by Charles Stone III:

10 years on, I still go back to this video to have a laugh or two. Probably why I've been greeting people with 'wassup' on a regular basis. OK, maybe most of the time. But I love it nonetheless. And I love the other 'wassup' commercials that was of Charles' creation. And when he made a follow-up commercial to 'wassup' (simply entitled 'wassup 2008') I laughed at it so hard I was literally rolling on the floor laughing!

Then one day, an idea hit me. I recalled many Datuks, VIPs and MCs opening their speeches with Salam 1 Malaysia. So why not use that 1 Malaysia slogan into an alternative to 'Hello?', or rather 'Wassup?'

Suddenly, I wanted to do my own wassup commercial based on that idea!

And after a few months of thinking, planning, and procastinating...I decided to call up my mates from Sarawak Bloggers and the next thing we know, we got the script up and we did the production on the 3rd day of Hari Raya.

And after the post-production, I've officially launched it yesterday, on Malaysia's very first Malaysia Day celebration.

If you haven't seen it, here it is!

Here's the major changes from the original:

- A bowl of Laksa instead of a bottle of Budweiser
- Bahasa Sarawak & two lines of Hokkein language instead of English
- All of us wearing the Sarawak Bloggers T-shirt
- All sorts of techical inferiority to the original (Production quality, lame acting, etc) LOL

OK, I know what you're thinking...why 1 Sarawak and not 1 Malaysia? Well it's simple: if you haven't figured it out this commerical is for Sarawak Bloggers website. So it makes more sense to cry 1 Sarawak with all the reference of Sarawak as above. Heck, all of the actors are Sarawakians! You have to make it relevant.

Political critics intending to shoot down this video can forget it. We all love Malaysia, but that doesn't mean we can't love our state right? After all, Sarawak is part of Malaysia. For the other states, they can always do their edition. In fact, I am looking forward to a 1 Penang commercial (featuring Penang Laksa, and their Penang version of their Hokkien language...that'll be cool!).

So what do you think? :) Please share it yea! Oh, and...