Monday, September 27, 2010

Watching the 1st episode of The Amazing Race Asia with Ivan & Hilda

The fourth season of The Amazing Race Asia started last Thursday and I decided to watch the premiere favourite gym Level Up Fitness!

I know what you're thinking. What an odd place to watch TV right? But you see, it's special to watch it there...because one of the teams racing in The Amazing Race Asia 4 is there to watch too!

Yeap, I was watching TARA with Ivan & Hilda!

See, Ivan's an instructor at the that explains why we're watching TARA and eating food at a place you're supposed to lose weight.

But know you, I met them before they got their lucky break on the show. In fact, I met them while my cousin and I were auditioning for TARA itself! I must thank the three sago worms that I had to eat for the audition...if it wasn't for them Ivan & Hilda would never had started the conversation with the following "OH MY GAWD YOU FREAKING ATE THE WORMS!?".

So since they made's their advice on this video:

So with that...just maybe...

...I will be holding the real TARA envelope next season???


Gallivanter said...

Awesome stuff! I tried applying a for the pilot season but failed to make the grade. Maybe I should flash my ass, it could just work! Haha!

Ah_Mike said...

Gallivanter: LOL! I'm not sure if that works but...