Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I love Sarawak...because I won a phone!

Last month I've joined in the Sarawak Bloggers "Snap & Win" contest. The prizes that was given out for the contest included 3 RM50 vouchers from Parkson and a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, which was the grand prize.

I was aiming for the vouchers since I could get like six/seven boxes of underwear a new pair of shoes with it. Actually, I was just being pessimistic; I can't possibly be that lucky to win a phone right?

Either way, I uploaded just one photo for the contest. It was taken at the Permai beach in the afternoon, after the Sarawak Bloggers Street Photography event.

The slogan wrote for this was: "I love Sarawak because no matter how hard life throws at you, you can always find peace and happiness in Sarawak!"

When the results came out on September 16...

...I scrolled down to know the winners, only to see...

...myself as the grand prize winner!!!

I was speechless leh I tell you! However I was (and still is) very gladful for my good friend Ivan for not only taking the photo but also suggesting to head to Permai just to drink beer! (Did anyone noticed I was holding a can of beer by the way?)

So fast forward to last Sunday. I got my prize off from Cyril at a dog show event.

Brought it home, and I decided to unbox it.

I was surprised with the weight, and this being an XpressMusic, the speakers are pretty fact it's far superior than my LG Viewty with its sound depth! My one complain so far: why is it not red like what the box showed? :(

Anyway, it didn't matter. Since I have a phone that's still better than the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic (5mb photo...great quality video...white colour lol) I could have sold it for RM300. That's like the price of 15 boxes of underwear a long-sleeve original Manchester United jersey leh!

But instead I gave it to my mum.



Cyril Dason said...

Congrats bro.. Wish I could win that phone .. but nevermind.. I should aim for the ipHOne :P

Eve! said...

Congrats bro!

Ah_Mike said...

Cyril: LOL you aim for the iPhone I aim for the PS3 :)

Congrats: No no...congrats to my mum! hehe

aNgeL-cuPid said...

Good son good son!!! I intend to give it to my mum too itu kalaulah i'm the one who got it. hahaha! Congratz!!!! Ur mum also pandai pose for the camera. hahahahaha! Salute aunty!

Ah_Mike said...

Angel: LOL you wouldn't be saying that if the prize is a Nokia N8 instead :P