Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Watching the Cub go round and round...

A couple of Saturdays ago, I decided to drop by one of my friend's event, which is the Sarawak Cub Prix 2010. I wanted to take videos of not the motorcycles, but the possibly beautiful models that will pose with it.

Obviously, I know my target audience well :)

However, when I arrived at the Sarawak Stadium I realized a race was about to happen.

Sadly, the models (and the racers) were on the other side of the road and under the tent!

So what to do? I waited for a while and see if there's an opportunity to video those models.

Instead, I was watching people walking past the drink booths...

...and I actually stayed on to watch one kapchai race! My first. Ever!

After half an hour though, I couldn't quite stand with the hot weather so I left.

On the way back though, I was thinking about the kids who were watching all that racing.

Will they grow up inspired by the passion from these riders...and may one day be a MotoGP champion, just like Valentino Rossi?

Or will they grow up corrupted by the wrong crowd and be the notorious Mat Rempit?

I hope these kids choose their path well. Even if the guy above looks like he's enjoying himself.