Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Peaceful Birthday

Over the last five years I've been celebrating my birthday with friends, and it always resolve around entertainment...and of course alcohol. While generally I had a good time with the celebrations, there was a couple of times where I didn't enjoy my birthday at all:

- The one where I got myself a long, you-have-to-be-the-perfect-bf lecture by my ex on our way to Cairns, Australia in 2006


- The one where I flew all the way to KL last year just to celebrate, only to be really let down by my closest buddies with their attitude and event planning (and like my zodiac characteristics I've yet to forgive them to this day).

So this year, I wanted something different. Something that doesn't involved friends. That doesn't involved a pub or a happening place.

That is peaceful.

A celebration in isolation.

Yes, that's how I want to celebrate this year. A celebration in isolation.

So two days back, I went to Permai Beach Resort on my own.

I swam, explored, took photos, ate junk food, looked around and even slept on the sand. And no one was around me the whole morning. Love it!

And then I wanted to do something that was otherwise not advisable. Exploring somewhere that can be dangerous on your own.

I had no regard for my own safety; there was a tiny, isolated tree from the photo above...that was where I tried to swim to. Crazy as it was, I really wanted to be there. I supposed in a fortunate turn of event, 1/4 way to the location my instincts told me to turn back as I felt my body wasn't able to swim all the way there, let alone back to the beach.

Even when I got back to shore, I was still keen to find a way to that place. So I followed a path in the jungle, hoping that would lead me to there. Again, my instincts told me not to go too deep as if I was certain to be lost in the jungle and die from starvation.

So I never did able to touch that isolated tree, but I was very thrilled by the adventure and the danger that came along with it!

Like the yin yang, I did some self-reflection moment too during and after the adventure. I asked myself so many questions. Some questions that can't be shared in this not so private blog. Some questions I can't quite answer myself, like the meaning of friendship.

Or my dreams and my future.

Or my own character.

Or my role in this world.

Yes, some serious questions like that on my own birthday. But the truth is I intentionally wanted to go to the beach so I can ask myself such questions. And while I may not have gotten my answers from that morning, I'm glad I did ask myself.

So that was how I celebrate in isolation.

(Edit: And now to finish writing this quickly cause I'm tired and I spent too long on this entry!)

After 2pm I went back to civilisation...or rather I went back home to sleep somemore. Got a nice cake from my cousin :) But as of now I've yet to eat that cake :(

And at night, my friends asked me out for some chit-chat session at Jalan Song...only to received another cake...

Die la my calorie intake over kao kao! But hey it's my birthday so fuck that!

Though the 2nd cake was too sweet and crunchy for my liking, I like the sweet thoughts these group of friends have to me.

Thank you Debbie for the photo

For they're part of the answer to the meaning of friendship I suppose.

Thank you guys. And a happy birthday to me!

P.S.: I managed to sip some Japanese Sake I brought back a year ago to the beach. The alcohol has not been forgotten after all.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Launching of Radio Kenyalang

I was invited by Sarawak Bloggers group to come over to see the launching of Radio Kenyalang (Astro Channel 870), the new Direct To Home (DTH) radio channel is Astro's first and only radio channel which focuses on traditional ethnic and cultural music from Sarawak.

The venue of the launch was at Orangery Water Front...but honestly we locals know it better as simply 'beside The Square Tower'!

Anyway, here's a six-minute video of the event itself:

Kudos Astro. Good to know they're doing what they can to promote traditional music!

From the goodie bag.

Oh, Rodz managed to take a photo of me together with Hitz FM's Herman together with two of the cruisers. Can you guess which one is my cousin?

Now just in case you've no idea what Sarawak traditional music sounds's one for your ears :)

P.S. I went to listen to this channel a few days ago. I was left to listen to more modern beats than the famous Sape music somehow. Meh! And I don't really listen to DTH radio very often (parents hogging the TV... I'm busy with the Playstation 2 ) so I'm hoping Astro/AMP will somehow have this channel on Internet streaming!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Can I survive a 24 hour movie marathon?

In less than 15-odd hours, I will be sitting my ass for over 24 hours, watching god-knows-what movies, thanks to the yellow men:

Together with Fahriee, Cyril and Eve Dutches and 196 insane school kids challengers we will torture ourselves, depriving ourselves from sleep in hopes of becoming the DiGi zombie and win RM2,500!

Eh, that's more than my salary you know? If I win this it's like getting a bonus ok?

So with my mamak-session training in KL over the years, I shall beat the team of possibly 10 to 12 movies and earn my reward!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Level Up year (plus) ago! Oh and their 1st Anniversary :)

I know, I'm probably the only guy in the history of blogging to post something that happened...a year ago! In fact, it was more than a year ago when I was invited by Kenny Sia to his brand-new (at the time)gym, Level Up Fitness! Don't ask why I haven't blogged about it any sooner than now.

So do me a favour here. Let's just imagine today is 25 October, 2009.

Together with the Kuching bloggers, photographers and the rest of the media people and curious associates, we given the chance to look around the gym as part of the media preview, test out the gym equipment, lift some weights...and of course to take photos (in my case, video) a couple of beautiful models, together with a couple of hunks for the ladies on that day!

I'll love to try to date her out this machine!

With the founder of Level Up Fitness. He mentioned this was his secret project in his blog.

And with the ladies :) She wanted me to hold her waist, honest!

My goodie bag for visiting Level Up Fitness, which will be officially be opened on 30 October 2009.

Of course, I did video this event. And edited to make it more interesting. Enjoy :)

Now, fast forward to 30 October 2010.

Level Up Fitness is officially 1 year old! Ironic as it is, the staff along with the members celebrated the anniversary with...a sponge cake! (Oh my, the calories)

The celebration was low-key, but that's OK since we're all busy sweating and shedding our fat away before this.

I decided to buy them a cake too, since the gym is very much my 2nd home.

I like it when some of the guys called this cake cute...but from what I saw they like the official cake more than this chocolate fudge cake. (Oh my, that's a lot more calories!) :(

So happy birthday Level Up Fitness. Ever since I met you, I lost a lot of fat :) With you, I can bring back my glorious skinny high-school days again!