Friday, November 12, 2010

The Launching of Radio Kenyalang

I was invited by Sarawak Bloggers group to come over to see the launching of Radio Kenyalang (Astro Channel 870), the new Direct To Home (DTH) radio channel is Astro's first and only radio channel which focuses on traditional ethnic and cultural music from Sarawak.

The venue of the launch was at Orangery Water Front...but honestly we locals know it better as simply 'beside The Square Tower'!

Anyway, here's a six-minute video of the event itself:

Kudos Astro. Good to know they're doing what they can to promote traditional music!

From the goodie bag.

Oh, Rodz managed to take a photo of me together with Hitz FM's Herman together with two of the cruisers. Can you guess which one is my cousin?

Now just in case you've no idea what Sarawak traditional music sounds's one for your ears :)

P.S. I went to listen to this channel a few days ago. I was left to listen to more modern beats than the famous Sape music somehow. Meh! And I don't really listen to DTH radio very often (parents hogging the TV... I'm busy with the Playstation 2 ) so I'm hoping Astro/AMP will somehow have this channel on Internet streaming!