Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Level Up Fitness...one year (plus) ago! Oh and their 1st Anniversary :)

I know, I'm probably the only guy in the history of blogging to post something that happened...a year ago! In fact, it was more than a year ago when I was invited by Kenny Sia to his brand-new (at the time)gym, Level Up Fitness! Don't ask why I haven't blogged about it any sooner than now.

So do me a favour here. Let's just imagine today is 25 October, 2009.

Together with the Kuching bloggers, photographers and the rest of the media people and curious associates, we given the chance to look around the gym as part of the media preview, test out the gym equipment, lift some weights...and of course to take photos (in my case, video) a couple of beautiful models, together with a couple of hunks for the ladies on that day!

I'll love to try to date her out this machine!

With the founder of Level Up Fitness. He mentioned this was his secret project in his blog.

And with the ladies :) She wanted me to hold her waist, honest!

My goodie bag for visiting Level Up Fitness, which will be officially be opened on 30 October 2009.

Of course, I did video this event. And edited to make it more interesting. Enjoy :)

Now, fast forward to 30 October 2010.

Level Up Fitness is officially 1 year old! Ironic as it is, the staff along with the members celebrated the anniversary with...a sponge cake! (Oh my, the calories)

The celebration was low-key, but that's OK since we're all busy sweating and shedding our fat away before this.

I decided to buy them a cake too, since the gym is very much my 2nd home.

I like it when some of the guys called this cake cute...but from what I saw they like the official cake more than this chocolate fudge cake. (Oh my, that's a lot more calories!) :(

So happy birthday Level Up Fitness. Ever since I met you, I lost a lot of fat :) With you, I can bring back my glorious skinny high-school days again!