Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Peaceful Birthday

Over the last five years I've been celebrating my birthday with friends, and it always resolve around entertainment...and of course alcohol. While generally I had a good time with the celebrations, there was a couple of times where I didn't enjoy my birthday at all:

- The one where I got myself a long, you-have-to-be-the-perfect-bf lecture by my ex on our way to Cairns, Australia in 2006


- The one where I flew all the way to KL last year just to celebrate, only to be really let down by my closest buddies with their attitude and event planning (and like my zodiac characteristics I've yet to forgive them to this day).

So this year, I wanted something different. Something that doesn't involved friends. That doesn't involved a pub or a happening place.

That is peaceful.

A celebration in isolation.

Yes, that's how I want to celebrate this year. A celebration in isolation.

So two days back, I went to Permai Beach Resort on my own.

I swam, explored, took photos, ate junk food, looked around and even slept on the sand. And no one was around me the whole morning. Love it!

And then I wanted to do something that was otherwise not advisable. Exploring somewhere that can be dangerous on your own.

I had no regard for my own safety; there was a tiny, isolated tree from the photo above...that was where I tried to swim to. Crazy as it was, I really wanted to be there. I supposed in a fortunate turn of event, 1/4 way to the location my instincts told me to turn back as I felt my body wasn't able to swim all the way there, let alone back to the beach.

Even when I got back to shore, I was still keen to find a way to that place. So I followed a path in the jungle, hoping that would lead me to there. Again, my instincts told me not to go too deep as if I was certain to be lost in the jungle and die from starvation.

So I never did able to touch that isolated tree, but I was very thrilled by the adventure and the danger that came along with it!

Like the yin yang, I did some self-reflection moment too during and after the adventure. I asked myself so many questions. Some questions that can't be shared in this not so private blog. Some questions I can't quite answer myself, like the meaning of friendship.

Or my dreams and my future.

Or my own character.

Or my role in this world.

Yes, some serious questions like that on my own birthday. But the truth is I intentionally wanted to go to the beach so I can ask myself such questions. And while I may not have gotten my answers from that morning, I'm glad I did ask myself.

So that was how I celebrate in isolation.

(Edit: And now to finish writing this quickly cause I'm tired and I spent too long on this entry!)

After 2pm I went back to civilisation...or rather I went back home to sleep somemore. Got a nice cake from my cousin :) But as of now I've yet to eat that cake :(

And at night, my friends asked me out for some chit-chat session at Jalan Song...only to received another cake...

Die la my calorie intake over kao kao! But hey it's my birthday so fuck that!

Though the 2nd cake was too sweet and crunchy for my liking, I like the sweet thoughts these group of friends have to me.

Thank you Debbie for the photo

For they're part of the answer to the meaning of friendship I suppose.

Thank you guys. And a happy birthday to me!

P.S.: I managed to sip some Japanese Sake I brought back a year ago to the beach. The alcohol has not been forgotten after all.


aNgeL-cuPid said...

awwww....come come share me your bday cake =D~

Elisha Batuncang said...

Happy Birthday again Mike! I never celebrated my birthday in extreme isolation like yours but I think it's a good idea though. =)

robin said...

I still remembered the very sweet gesture you and Ivan did few years ago, knocking on my door past midnight.
I do not know what questions you have about friendship, but you ought to know this, you are one awesome friend. If anyone disagrees, kindly refer him to me, I shall arrange some Bangla workers to bash that bastard up.
Yes I work at construction site now. ahahah.

kallyempire said...

angel is right, if you can't finish your cake, share wif us!!!

Time change lots of things. They made things seem better and the other too~

You spend time alone on the beach is a great idea to have a peace of mind =) but do be careful as we still so much want to see you around so a very period!!

Happy birthday XP

esther_da_one said...

sometimes.. we dont really need anyone else to complement our trip. =)

Mike said...

Whoops sorry guys for the late reply I've not visited my own blog until now! Thanks all for the comments!

Angel: LOL by now it's looonngg finished dy. Maybe new year's eve you'll get the chance to eat a cake? :)

Elisha: Hehe you gotta try it once bro!

Robin: LOL pandai ho you to get Bangla workers to help me bash anyone I want :P

Kally: Haha! Don't worry now I've not taken any high-risk since that day :P Thanks again for the wish!

Esther: Indeed :)