Friday, December 31, 2010

LOL with the Life On Line Show (#LOLshow)

I rarely listen to podcast. In fact I think the last time I've listened to a podcast was one of the Mr. Brown Show sometime last year! So for the first time this year (which the year is about to end in less than half a day left!) I listened to one. And it has to be the Life On Line Show, or LOLshow for short. (

The LOLShow is all about the social media today, told from a Malaysian point of view. The hosts included John Lim, Niki Cheong, David Wang and David Lian; all who are famous within the social media circle. Together they discuss, bitch or whine on all the latest news on the Web every week.

LOLShow is currently on its 11th episode and the last for 2010: if you haven't listen to it yet you can click play at the link below!

The listening experience:

The 11th episode was all about the best of 2010, with the boys talking about the new Twitter, Google VS China, Google Wave & Buzz, #yorais hashtag trend, social media for change, Wikileaks and Facebook.

Here's my thoughts on the topics in brief:
  • New Twitter: I don't mind the new Twitter, but like the old Twitter I will only use it if TweetDeck is down, or I'm on a public PC. So it doesn't quite made a different to me really.
  • Google VS China: Hey it's China, of course they are going to give Google a hard time with the rules and regulations.
  • Google Wave & Buzz: The products wasn't popular enough among my peers to make me use it. But yes I agree with all the comments from the boys regarding this.
  • #yorais hashtag trend: Thanks guys! I never really knew why this was a trend on Twitter until you guys explained it! This topic was very enlightening to me.
  • Social media for change: Obama sure missed the chance didn't he?
  • Wikileaks: It became a new vocabulary for many of my conversations with friends and colleagues. Especially when people ask me "How did you find out?" on certain gossips, I'll just say "I wikileak it"!
  • Facebook: Oh what will the world be without Facebook! I really feel sad for Friendster and MySpace for not stopping the rise of Facebook. As for privacy, well I don't share my real thoughts on Facebook to avoid getting the sack/trouble as my boss is on Facebook. And yes I envy Mark Zuckerberg.
So what do I think of the show?

As this is my first time listening to the show, I can't say I was truly impressed by it. While it was very informative (especially about #yorais), I wasn't quite entertained; in fact I felt I was listening to a business show. I felt the show is kind of serious a little bit.

In my humble opinion, I think the show requires more humour on the topics...and if that's not possible to naturally pull off funny lines during the recording surely the boys could do a skit that is relevant to future topics.

Also, I think there's an unbalanced amount of time given to the topics; 10 minutes on Facebook vs the rest?

I'm not sure it there was a lot of improvement from previous episodes, but there's certainly room to impove, especially the technical side of things. David Wang sounded so odd compared to the rest! And did one of the guys moved some kind of stuff halfway through the recordings?

I must admit though; i did LOL on Niki Cheong's "podcast virginity"! Now, I'm gonna listen more of LOLShow to see, or rather hear whether my comments has been taken into consideration and if that is the case...they just got themselves another regular listener!

So from this feedback of mine, I am hoping that I can win myself a...

Yeap. A Blackberry Curve 9300 3G!

This smartphone is actually the Christmas Giveaway by the LOLShow. With its 2MP camera with flash (so you can camwhore your drunk look at the nightclub), GPS, Wifi & 3G, Optical trackpad plus media keys and of course Blackberry messenger, I could certainly use a new phone for the new year!

If I don't get it though, feat not, 'cause you stand a chance to get it too! Now all you need to do is to listen to the LOLShow (as if you haven't yet!), write about about it (check out the website for more info) and just let them know about your entry. It's that easy friend!

So stop reading already and write that post liao! And with that, Happy New Year to you readers!


Niki Cheong said...

Thanks for the feedback! :D

And thanks for listening in - I'll try to be funnier next time. But four geeks ... the jokes will be quite lame lor :P

pelf said...

Listen to Episode 5, it's funny, and it's also my favourite :D

Happy New Year to you! :D

Ah_Mike said...

Hey Niki thanks for the read! Looking forward to the next episode of the LOLShow.