Sunday, December 05, 2010

One Contest, Two Prizes, Three Months, All Smiles!

This blog took three months odd to do so! (Serious...)

19 September 2010: Finally I've done the Air Asia Megastore Commercial for the contest that was organised by Koolred! The contest, known as the Mega Shopping Experience Video Contest, challenged Koolred members to create a commercial which highlights the positives of buying online, especially at the Air Asia Megastore.

After some hurried pre-production, fluffing my lines so often it'll put my Acting teacher to shame during production, as well as some hissy fit over the quality of the acting at the post-production...let me introduce to you Mr. SOH EE ZI!

The character, Mr. Soh Ee Zi was a play on the words "So Easy", which was a key message to the audience regarding shopping online. Also, Soh Ee Zi's original name was to be "Soh Leh Zi"...a play on "So Lazy" and as you see his lifestyle in the video.

But enough of the description. I've put quite an effort over this, so in truth I'm expecting to win something...especially after I've seen some of the really, really crappy (and ANNOYING) entries. As such as I'll like to tell you, you better see it for yourselves.

11 October 2010: YES! I WON IT! I WAS CHOSEN AS ONE OF THE WINNERS!! Shame I wasn't able to win the first prize (which was an Olympus Pen E-PL1 and RM300 Air Asia Megastore e-vouchers) but hey I was aiming after the consulation prize. An Olympus FE-4030 Digicam + RM150 of the same e-vouchers as all I ever wanted :) :) :)

As least, if the digicam gets stolen while I'm on a vacation...I wouldn't feel as bad as losing the Pen E-PL1....(CHOY! Why am I saying such things!!?)

I hope the digicam comes in black...

19 November 2010:
My, it was such a long wait...but yes I've finally picked up my prize at Nationwide office :D

Even then I didn't had time to open it until the next day. So the video below unveils the package (and my lame reaction)

But in case you don't plan to watch's what it looks like in stages:-

The box after I've took out the wrapping...initially I thought I won myself a box of Beryl's Camior Chocolate!!!

My prizes after I've got rid of a box of "Beryl's" these are as sweets as the "chocolates" itself! :)

The camera comes with a Koolred instruction manual...I think. By the way, why THIS COLOUR NOT BLACK LIKE IT'S SHOWN ON THE BOX!? :(

5 December 2010: At last, after all the procastination, poor time management, rather-watch-Youtube-than-blog's Mr. Soh Ee Zi's thank you video to Koolred, Air Asia Megastore & Olympus!

It's not my best actually; the acting could have been much better...and the last part was such an afterthought...I really hope you guys enjoyed it.

Phew! I'm glad I've finally wrote about this. My God it's December already?


Elisha said...

You don't have to buy cameras mate. They'll come to you. ;-D


I really need to start joining contest like these. HuHa! Camera.. Lai Lai.. Hehehe.

Verdoce said...

Bro.. that's so cool and funny.. :-D

ahlost said...

hahaha.. like the last vid ;)

and congratulations on winning the prize :)

Mike said...

Elisha: LOL yea man thought I wish it's a video camcorder that comes to a Sony NEX-VG10 or something like that :P

Verdose: That's bro! Glad you drop by to read!

ahlost: You like that last vid?? Thank you very much! I thought it was lame the more I watch it...

Cyril Dason said...

finally kan bro... hahhhsh..

William said...

You are so lucky!

Ah Mike, thanks for visiting my blog!

Ah_Mike said...

cyril: yea man finally! more contest to join in the future (and lets stop Egg Yolk from winning! :P)

william:lol I guess I am lucky, but not lucky enough to win 1st prize! Oh worries, thank you too for visiting my blog :)

theeggyolks said...

i saw my name was mentioned in the comments! XD haha!! Anyway, congrats bro! I'm just lucky in the previous contest XD