Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Top 10 events I really wanted to blog about but I didn't get to for 2010

I'm a bad, bad blogger am I?

This year I've been to events that deserved to be written on this blog, and I've plenty of videos to share with you my experience. But I've been busy doing other stuff, meeting friends till late or working out. Sometimes I do not have the inspiration to write about the events (nice way of saying lazy)

As such, I blog something that could have been hot news but now it's really old news. Just like the Level Up Fitness launch.

However, no matter how old the event was I still find great satisfaction in blogging about it. I guess I just don't like keep the old stories without sharing my thoughts on it.

There's a lot that should have been in this blog, but here's the Top 10 events I should have blogged about a long time ago!

1) Exercising with the Project Alpha Bloggers at Level Up Fitness.

On the 30 January this year Project Alpha, an online reality TV show had one of its recording session at Kenny Sia's gym. Despite having to dance to the tune of Doraemon (I shall leave the dance sequence to your imagination) and struggling to catch up with the dance instructor, I had the beautiful Jojo Struys as well as the rest of the female bloggers to cuci mata upon. Even if I had to dance with another guy in one sequence.

2) Listening to my childhood memories at Video Games Live!, KL Convention Centre.

I flew to KL just to listen to video game music... Orchestra style! Video Games Live! was held on 17 April and I must say it was worth every single bit of the ticket price and my time. It wasn't just the fact they played classic tunes from the games like Final Fantasy 7's "One-Winged Angel" Chrono Cross, Metal Gear Solid, Mario Brothers and even Pong remix; from the fantastic Tommy Tallarico as the MC, to the funny moments on stage and even the interactive was just a great experience to be in! I have to be honest though; this was one of the blogs I did not want to write about at the time. It was at the time where I didn't want some people to know I was in KL so yea.

3) Meeting Uncle Wally Amos, the founder of Famous Amos cookies at the Napoleon Hill International Convention, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.

It was a great honour to meet the man behind the famous cookies, Uncle Wally Amos at the Napoleon Hill International Convention on 24 June 2010. With his trademark watermelon hat and a great smile, his speeches during the convention has taught me a great deal on not only the financial challenges of life, but on a personal and emotional challenges too. It was also one of the best things my company has done for me after all the work commitment for them.

4) Getting a scar just above my left eye during the World Cup period.

Without the shadow of the doubt the accident that made me more...macho. This happened during a game of futsal; I was the goalkeeper...I caught the ball and after the catch I was lying on the ground. My friend was chasing for the ball but I got the ball first. He was going to crash onto me as I was already lying on the ground with the ball. He tried to jump over me, but he mis queue the jump and knee-d me Muay Thai style instead. Blood on the ground. The stitching up was more painful than the blow though.

Six stitches later, England lost to Germany 4-1 at the World Cup (27 June 2010). And my immediate boss thought I was faking a Medical Leave!

5) Partying to the smell of mud at Rainforest World Music Festival, Sarawak Cultural Village.

I like the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) because of the rave-party-like atmosphere and of course the music you'll otherwise don't listen to on But while the music workshops was the best I've attended in my three visits to the festival, this year's RWMF (9 - 11 July 2010) was terribly disappointing for me as too many of the performers were playing the kind of music that would be more appropriate for a coffee session at Starbucks. The music tempo was simply not head-banging, Ah-Beng dancing friendly. It could just be me, but I believed my mates could testify that too.

I might give next year's RWMF a pass this time.

6) Running my lungs out at the Race To Space Run, Old Kuching Courthouse.

Would you believe that this was my very first run? Yeap, this was my first although I was close to doing one last year. Race to Space Run was held on the 24 October 2010...and while a 5KM run may not seem much to some of you, but my GOD my lungs wanted to die after I've finished the run! I finished just pass the half hour mark, which was just out of the requirement to receive the certificate :( Thank my lucky stars though as the organizers decided to give the certs to everyone who participated :)

7) Meeting the Kuching DJs from Era FM, My FM and Hitz FM at Pullman Hotel.

Long ago when I was an active listener to radio (until my car radio decided to give up the ghost..since 2009) I once wondered why most radio contests and giveaways are all based in West Malaysia. I mean I know KL's the capital city and priority should be taken to Klang Valley but since we're all preaching about 1 Malaysia, why ignore us East Malaysians? Thankfully Media Prima listened to our dilemma and hence established Hitz FM Sarawak (they did their launch on 28 October 2010)! At last we could be excited to listen to Hitz FM from 10am to 12pm to call in and stand a chance to win movie tickets that doesn't scream "cinemas in Klang Valley only!".

Sure, the Hitz FM Kuching DJs aren't close to awesomeness like JJ & Rudy Ean, but I'm sure in due time they will! An extra support for DJ Herman who happens to come from my high school.

8) Surviving a DiGi 24 hour movie marathon at MBO, The Spring.

I wrote about this not too long ago but I didn't tell you I've only lasted three out of the eleven movies during this competition, which was held on 6 November 2010. No, I didn't fall asleep during a movie; in fact I was still very awake and excited to watch more movies! It was simply the fact that I was apparently not back on time (like a mere seconds!) hence I got disqualified together with my friends. I got disqualified right after I had a sugar-rush dosage of chocolates and Red Bull! Couldn't sleep until 4 a.m.

Urgh, thinking back about this still makes me angry. If there is another one next year, I will surely join again, not to win the prizes but to simply survive. I will be very kiasu next time!

9) Checking out the ladies at the Miss Sarawak Race Queen Finals, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.

I wished I could say I had plenty to cuci mata about but I really can't say I did. In truth, I put more "eye-candy-time" on the judges more and any of the finalists of the Miss Sarawak Race Queen, held on 27 November 2010. Even the winner of this beauty pageant did not catch my fancy. Before you judge me for only looking at the physical beauty, let me also humbly state my opinion that the winner as well as the first wait, ESPECIALLY the first runner-up does not deserve such positions. As much I'll like to explain why, you will have to wait until I've upload the videos on YouTube. But I'll give you a hint: If the event is in English, please answer the damn question in English!

10) Chilling out at NewAsia Bar, Swissotel Singapore.

OK, so this was very recent (20 December 2010...just nine days ago!) and it doesn't quite deserve to be in this post. But hey, I was not sure if I was ever going to blog about this before the year ends!

I was in Singapore to attend one of my close friend's wedding. Unlike my previous trip to Singapore (which I didn't quite enjoyed myself then), this trip was a fantastic one to me! A childhood friend of mine brought me up to this bar at Swissotel and I was really blown away with the view at night! Viewing Singapore from the 70th floor, I truly enjoyed the blight lights of the buildings and street lights as well as laughing together with my friends.

This was also the the time I really, REALLY cuci mata in Singapore. Hmm...maybe I should write more about this next month!

So that's my Top 10 events I really, really wanted to write. Here's some special mentioned that didn't made it to the Top 10:

  • Krista Centurian Kindergarden Graduation: The children are sooo adorable to watch! Had I taken at least one photo (instead of just complete video) this would have made it to the Top 10.
  • Earth Dance at Pullman: Nice dance routine! But like above, I've no photos only videos.
  • Uniqlo: Yes I did visit the most talked-about Japanese clothing store on social media while I was in KL for work purpose. I did brought some clothes for my Chinese New Year shopping :)
  • Kuching Festival: I was introduced to the best ever German sausages in town thanks to Kuching Festival!
  • Dog Competition at Kenyalang Park: Cause the dogs are cute!
As for the new year...well, I wouldn't promise anything other than to continue keeping this blog alive after four years. Who knows I will have a dotcom website instead of the current web address. Or maybe the website will be Thai language.

Whatever it is, Happy New Year to you, my fellow readers.


Cyril Dason said...

And now you have blogged about it! Happy New Year bro.

JJ said...

cool that made it to your top 10. You're awesome...

ps: we're AMP not Media Prima :)