Saturday, February 26, 2011

My first (and hopefully the last!) visit to MBKS Open House.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I went down to MBKS to look at their Open have their free food of course.

While I waited for my friend at the meeting point, I saw a dog running around the area.

Cute! But I don't think the security guard was pleased to see it do itz thing...

I got thirsty and I went to grab something to drink. That's when I realized why I shouldn't be in this place!

When I was at a booth that was giving away soft drinks for free, I thought people would actually queue up and such. I've completely forgotten that I live in a city where a certain notorious Malaysian culture was applied; the art of pushing and shoving for something free!

People were pushing each other, fighting for a drink. The scene was (with upmost respect) comparable to the hungry children in Africa. Seriously.

You know what's really embarrassing? The fact that it wasn't just the kids or teens pushing their way for a cup of Coke but middle-age ADULTS! Despite the orders by the scouts (who are there to control the crowd) to queue up, these uncivilised adults just continued to brage in. All for a fucking drink! And a few people managed to grab a drink before me simply because they shoved their hand close to the filling cup! I had to wait for like 4 jugs later before I had to my hand up too and get the fuck out of there!

I felt so ashamed to be Malaysian.

Giving out balloons only annoy hungry people.

By the time my friend arrived I've lost the interest to eat free food. For the sake of my friend though, we waited for the official announcement for the booths to give the food away to childish hungry civilians of Kuching.

Apparently one of the booths allowed their food giveaways a lil' too early. The crowd rushed to the booth like a swamp of bees!

It was so fast and so bad, I heard the table was broken and I even saw the buntings of the booth fall!

As for a booth we were waiting, my friend went into the 'moshpit' while I became his 'cover/bodyguard', giving him some space while I wrestled with yet another middle-age man! Dah la a well-built-middle-aged man trying to push me!!!

In the end we got the food, but we still ended up having a fantastic Laksa at the kopitiam at 100% Discount store around Jalan Ang Cheng Ho. I rather pay for food if it means avoiding the crowd.

On our way out of the 'war zone', there was something that at least enjoyed looking at:

A proper queue up! (What, you thought I saw a hot chick?) Whether or not this queue would turned out to be another chaos like the video above I am not sure.

But I don't want to come for a public open house again! Not unless I've either...

  1. A spike-jacket so people do not dare to go near me! Or...
  2. A stink-bomb to clear the crowd away for me to grab the food in peace.
Either way, I'm so ashamed of the level of Kuching people's manners. It was a good thing the organizers provided barriers and scouts to control the crowd. Otherwise it could have been worst like this:

What's your view on the lack of manners in queuing up...or simply the general lack of manners by our society?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

DJ Mari Ferrari. The hottest DJ to play in Kuching. EVER!

Greetings and Happy Chinese New Year!

I hope you've missed me. Cause I do miss updating this blog...(hangs head in shame).

Anyway, last Saturday I went to Barzing to check out this really hot DJ from Russia, DJ Mari Ferrari. Joining me to cuci mata was Fahriee and Rodz.

Image taken from Barzing.

The entry fee for this event was RM35. Initially I thought it's expensive, but the entry fee also include two bottles of Heineken and a packet of Dunhill. Now that's value for money!

After we're in, it didn't take too long for the MC to introduced DJ Mari to the DJ console.

And like an angel that came down from Heaven, us boys were star-struck!

Image taken from Barzing.

She is that beautiful in real-life I tell you! Even with a bunch of girls dancing in front of us, she's way above them in terms of beauty!

No wonder she was a Playboy model. Not sure if she still is though.

Now, the thing is...we know she's known for more than just a pretty DJ.

In fact, DJ Mari Ferrari is most known for...

Yeap. A TOPLESS DJ! A first in Kuching!

The crowd went wild seeing her boobs! OK so she wasn't completely topless with her metal-nipple-cover-thing but's not often we have someone like her around this town!

As much as I want to show you the uncensored version, I can't do so as that will only bleach the terms & conditions with Sarawak Bloggers. However, if you do want to see more of her you can always go to the official Barzing's Facebook. Or you can see videos of her in action.

Sadly she was only topless for like less than 10 mins? I heard some envious bitch complained and going all conservative (irony this possibly-religious bitch would come to a club and drink).

Nonetheless, we boys were happy. Very happy :) I heard she's coming back in April so expect us to be back and seeing her boobs beautiful looks!

"Hang on, what about her style of music?"

Oh...erm..Euro-style kua?


Yes I'm back on blogging now!