Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sarawak Bloggers 1st Anniversary

Earlier this month, I've attended the Sarawak Bloggers' 1st Anniversary party which was held at Myst Cafe, 101 Premier. Knowing the guys behind Sarawak Bloggers for such a long time (including being part of that -famous- commercial with them!), I just had to come! Besides, I was to deliver a couple of awesome birthday cakes for them too :)

While waiting for the rest of the bloggers to come, I played "aeroplane chess" with Angel, Sherrie and Yong Lim a bit. Gosh, last time I played this board game was like 10 years+ ago! But this Myst Cafe is pretty cool as you can relive your childhood games with their collection of board games.

Host Datuk Cyril, explaining how nuclear reactor works.

So yea, there were 23 cool people who came for this already awesome party...a number of then are new faces for me ...which is great 'cause I love to meet new friends (and give away my namecards la! :P)

Food was alright la, though I could not truly enjoyed it as I was getting a sore throat. I must come back to Myst again to really taste their food.

The food. Not exactly kind to my sore throat.

This dessert was gila-wah-lao-eh sweet wei! And it would later become the punishment food for our Jenga session....

Oh and I won a T-Shirt too for remembering everyone's names in a contest! All without the use of an iPhone!

The T-Shirt that I've won, as modeled by Datin Amiey. No, that's her own T-Shirt not mine...and no, that cake was not for me! (But you can order that cake (Blackforest) from me! Twitter me for more details kekeke

I'm glad I made new friends at the party :) I'm also just as glad to be able to my new friends these two videos (and embarrass the Sarawak Bloggers coordinating team with the video...which is my present to them kekeke)

Happy anniversary Sarawak Bloggers! Glad to be apart of this wonderful night :)

Oh, yea...do see Natasha beat up Fahriee here!