Saturday, April 23, 2011

I came all the way just for you, Mr. Walker!

"Oi, I want you to imagine you're on a hot air balloon going upwards..."


"...and then I want you to imagine you see some really beautiful plains..."


" I want to breath in...5..4...3"


"Breath out...5...4...3..."


It was a long, long night....

April 9, 2011: Suited up and ready to walk down from the hotel room to the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge, I wished my young friend Fahriee well, for he had the misfortune of not being able to cuci mata and flirt with the ladies at the so-called F1 party.

With confidence that his gift, a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label would keep him company together with his MacBook I went down to the venue with my buddy Dennis.

The Black Circuit Lounge was held outside on the big field beside Palace of the Golden Horses (which I still think it's a poor choice of venue; I avocate the use of LRT and Monorail to move around not overpriced taxi rides thank you).

Upon arrival, I saw the official Johnnie Walker's Porche Cayenne.

Johnnie Walker understandably has an expensive taste :)

We met with Sherrie and two new friends of mine, Kim and Cate. Funny lot these cute couple! We were queing up 1/2 hour before 8pm so we could be the 1st 200 people to get the door gift. Kiasu leh we Kuchingites :P

So while waiting, I did the usual guy thing and just check out the ladies.

Hello, hello :)

There was an eye-sore moment though. There's this distinguishly gay dude who walked pass us. Without even talking to him, I could tell he has to be the most narcissist guy I've ever seen. Not only did he wore banana-colour attire to this event (read: BLACK), but he has like a caricature of himself ALMOST NAKED ON HIS FUCKING SHIRT! Oh, his pants has images of him too! What the fuckkkk...interesting and gossip-starting none the less.

We waited long. We were supposed to have a sip of JW by 8pm. I didn't come miles away just to wait.

Then at just pass 9pm, we got in. Oh yes, the excitement is back!

Photo taken by Hitomi Ng.

We walked down the red carpet. With all the camera flashes at us, we sure felt like celebrities!

As we got into the tent, we spotted the "Bloggers" table nearby the stage. With DJ Faith, Malaysia's very own DJ being the 1st to perform, we sat down and we were given three different cocktails from the waiters & waitresses. I do not know the names of the cocktails, but I chose a black-coloured liquid of the it looked like the safest drink to consume at such an early stage of this event.

DJ Faith was awesome with her choice of music. Unfortunately the alcohol and the atmosphere didn't give us the kick to enjoy yet. And it didn't help that the tent WAS HOT!!!

I was sweating just 5 minutes after my first sip, and the first cheers with the gang. Apparently the air-con malfunctioned? On an event like this??

Anyway, we drank a bit more. I had to place some ice on my neck while trying to get into the groove with DJ Faith's work.

While allowing the JW cocktail into my system, I walked around to take some shots.

And shots with the ladies of course :)

Oh, by the way this was the gift door I had. A JW money clip. Likeys!

Although...the packaging of it makes it look like a small male genital though...

After DJ Faith, DJ I-TEK was up to perform. I'm not sure about the rest who came, but my friends at the table didn't enjoy his work and I don't enjoy his work too. It's bad if you could remix two of my favourite songs, "Intergalactic" by Beastie Boys and "Harder Better Faster" by Daft Punk (if I could remember!)...and then I went "Meh, that didn't mix well...".

With him dj-ing, I decided to walked around with Dennis to do more cuci mata moment. We ended up being tricked by this hot chick in her "drinking game".

After a brief walkabout, we headed back to our table...and then I saw several ladies up on stage, dancing provocatively. I like :)

Of course, the drinking continued. I believed at this point our first bottle of JW Black Label was emptied by us. The camwhoring started around this period too.


And somemore photos...this time with Naomi, whom I've not seen in a while :)

I've managed to take photo with Shaolin Tiger too!

Fuck, this photo is not giving me confidence with my height. But he does look like a smaller version of WWE's Big Show. Now imagine me standing beside the Big Show...I feel like a hobbit already.

Photo taken from Jun Fook

Bump into Jun Fook too. All Kuchingites above yo!

Cheers to Hitomi the photographer for the group photo earlier in this post :)

I'm sure at this stage I was on a high. And boy, the timing of the high was great because...DJ Sophia Lin was playing! Oh she was aweeeeesommmmmmmeeee!!

The dancers were on stage again... I cuci-mata-ing to the max :)

And to make my night (and this trip) a very wonderful night:

Ho ho a photo with Hannah Tan! :D She was the MC for the night together with E-News! Asia's Dominic Lau. Oh he was nearby too...but nah, not interested to pose with him!

Good to know I'm just about her height :P

The party got crazier under DJ Sophia Lin...

OK, so the photos may have shown otherwise but really, she's awesome in getting the crowd going!

Kim, Dennis and I danced the njagat somemore on the dance floor...with a video camera recording us me thinks! LOL

Last decent photo. Then everyone got high.

and high.

And there's DJ Bento...

But we're too high to be critical of his music. So everything he played sounds good too!

Took random photos too. Coincidencely met a beautiful lady from this group too. Even end up in a "photobomb" in one of her photos keke

Photo taken from Michael Yip

We even drank together with Joshua Law and his friends! (I believed he won the best blog post for this event?) Oh I did managed to cheer with Tian Chad too. Forgot to take photo with him!

Guess the one who can't handle the drink?

And the last photo...before we had to rush off around 1am...

Glad I came all the way from Kuching for this. I cuci mata-ed like a teen with raging hormones, made new friends with Cate & Kim, plus a couple of ladies above :)

I'll never look at Johnnie Walker the same way again :)

I'm still dreaming of this night at the time of writing...

April 10th, 2011, 1.32 a.m.: The hotel room at Palace of the Golden Horses...

"Oi, I want you to imagine you're on a hot air balloon going upwards..." I said.

"Urrrghh.." moans Sherrie, lying on the bed.

"...and then I want you to imagine you see some really beautiful plains...". Boy I'm getting good at this bullshit.

"Urrgghhh..." was Sherrie's response...

" I want to breath in...5..4...3"


"Breath out...5...4...3..."


It was a long, long night....

And you thought I WAS WASTED HUH!?


ahlost said...

Waaaaahh.. I thought I am the craziest person on earth to go all the way to West Malaysia for running events.. but haaaaaa !!! You're crazy too.. Fly all the way to KL from Kuching for events.. Hohohoho.. !!

Elisha Batuncang said...

How I wish I could have joined you guys for this event but yea, what to do, have to settle something back in hometown.

ahlost said...

Waaaah.. this one also..

after update on this event then MIA jor !!

Faster update :D

Ah_Mike said...

ahlost: LOL sorry la I no longer have the will to update my blog nowadays...><

elisha: it's ok bro there's always next time!