Friday, April 01, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge. In KL. Must go!

There are a few events in KL that would make me fly all the way from Kuching just to attend and party. Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge is one of it!

Happening on Saturday 9th of April 2011, 8pm at I-dunno-where (until I got the pass!), this event is not one to be missed as it is the official race party of the Malaysian Grand Prix, making it a very exclusive party.

Still not sure what’s the entire buzz about? Let me tell you more:

Who is Johnnie Walker?

So now you know him.

Johnnie Walker is involved in Formula One which is a stylish and sophisticated sport. Yes, the actual F1 is far cooler and more complicated than playing it on Playstation! So as such Johnnie Walker, which by the way is the world’s leading Scotch whisky has partnered with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. They both share the values of innovation, winning and naturally they got together la! From this partnership (formed since 2005), Johnnie Walker has created a cool and inspirational campaign with the Black Circuit Lounge that allows you to experience the lifestyle of Formula One.

Experience the lifestyle of Formula One? Oh yea! I sure admire the life of two of the coolest British F1 drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button!

As 2008 & 2009 F1 World Champions respectively, it’s really exciting to watch them race together under VMM!

With the babelicious DJ Sophia Lin, DVDJ I-tek & DJ Faith will be there spinning, I don’t see why you wouldn’t come for this glamorous party!

Now I love to be there, and I want my friends to be there too...but for me to do so, I gotta answer this question:

“What you have done to deserve the rewards of luxury and a successful lifestyle?”

I graduated with a foreign degree, I was fortunate to be on a reality TV show, I met some celebrities in my life (and probably Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button soon!) and now I have a good career. Yet I still owe money to the banks and my parents, and not able to spend a lot of things. That’s not quite a luxurious and successful lifestyle hey?

But I realized I have done something significant that was beyond fame and fortune: facing one of my inner fears.

When I was younger, I love to be around friends. I love the joys of sharing good memories with other people.

But I was naive over one thing. I never experienced what was like to be lonely...until my first year in college.

Simply put I had no friends there. I tried to blend in, but I was ignored and felt unwanted.

I contemplated suicide. I was about to slash myself when I heard a voice: “Do not die.” From that moment, I learnt never to give up on life. I left that college to another...and like Johnnie Walker’s mantra, I kept walking since.

On January 2011, I travelled to Thailand on my own for a week and came home a very happy man. I’ve officially won my battle against my fear of loneliness. What better way to celebrate this victory than to be at B.C.L with my friends, of whom one will them will celebrate her birthday at the event!

So if you're now bold enough have Johnnie Walker’s “Keep Walking” mentality, then visit their stylish page, like them and say "delivered in black" to them!

So be there and I quote Lewis Hamilton: “Keep walking and remember...NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.”