Thursday, May 19, 2011

What to do when she tries to cancel dates at the last minute

"Cancel our date today? Have something on later~"

"Eee so last min cancel wan! :("

"Sorry sorry"

"So when do you want to meet up again?"

"Can't confirm yet~"

Right. I know you're not interested to go out with me woman!

This is not the first time I've experienced having a date cancelled by someone. In fact, such things happened quite often in my life.

Not too long ago I've told a female Thai friend acquaintance I was coming over to Bangkok and I was hoping to meet up with her years after our time back in university. I've contacted her months ago and I've reminded her on the final few weeks before my trip, but of course we never fucking meet despite her saying she will do so.

Sometimes, I wonder why do people do this kinda shit? Such actions disrespected me and disrespected my time! Even if they have a real valid reason (the one on top isn't!) they should have the courtesy to arrange for another meeting.

Guys, I sure you have experienced this before in your life. We know it's not a nice feeling to be canceled out just like that. Even worst when you made the effort to keep your time slot free, book the table for dinner and so on. It can put a dent to your confidence/ego, and makes you wonder what crime have you done to her.

After I read from a few gurus on Google though, I realized there's really nothing to make a big deal of!

The next time a girl does a similar thing to you, you should do this:

Her: Oh sorry wei, I cannot make it later la I have to ...

You: So what you're saying is, you'd like to go, but because of circumstance you can't control and weren't expecting, you wouldn't be able to?

Her: Ah yea lor. (Sure will say this wan...unless she damn straightforward la to say she just isn't interested)

You: Well, since you said you'd like go, what arrangements would you like to make to do that right now?

Now, you shut up and listen to what response/crap she will say. She will have to set up a day with you, otherwise she would be revealed as the liar she truly is.


Funkye said...

i know how it feel...feel shit...
wad surprised me is the one from thai...even worst...

perhaps u shudnt take wad they say or promise seriously nex time....

Ah_Mike said...

Sigh, it's just sad I double confirmed her for the meet-up, both times she said can come, then said cannot after I take my shower. FML.

Cyril Dason said...

Yeah man.. I dont like it either when someone makes a promise and fails to live up to it. Waste of time.

Better just be cruel by saying you cant come or dont want to come then cancel last minute.

ahsiang said...

forget about these kind of girls. go find someone really click!