Friday, June 10, 2011

Come support me team!

Tomorrow, I will be competing for the Counter-Strike Competition (Amateur Level) at the Kyan!me Expo at the Hills Shopping Mall.

Come support my team as we attempted to beat possibly 15 or more teams to win the cash of I-dunno-how-much-to-be-honest!

The battlefield

So come over tomorrow to see our awesome/pathetic shooting and team-tactic skills; I know you will enjoy watching us play!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sarawak Bloggers Talk: More than A Blog (and more than a talk!)

Not too long ago, I attended this talk which was organized by Willie of Willie, together with Cyril Dason & Alvin Leong were the speakers for the event, which was held at Supreme Hotel.

Having attended a two-day conference at Kuala Lumpur last year, I was curious to listen to them and see if they offered a different view on the world of blogging as well as their advice to the Sarawakian bloggers. Of course, they're also my friends lah so to not show up and support this event would be a cardinal sin for me!

The talk began with Cyril talking about his baby, the Sarawak Bloggers group. He spoke about his vision for the group as well as the challenges and the criticism he faced during its short establishment.

While he was nervous on stage, his talk itself was interesting. His speech gave me a sense of pride to be part of Sarawak Bloggers!

Willie's talk was next, with his topic called "How to Increase Your blog Readership". While I may not agree with one or two of his advices, generally he got this topic spot on. In fact, he gave a great tip which I've not heard of at the conference, which is to google your blog title to see if it's unique or too common. Nice on Willie!

After a makan-break (which I consumed 2 1/2 plates of Fried Beehoon...let's not count the calories here), it was Alvin, the last speaker for the night to inspire us with his presentation.

Now I personally think his speech is the most inspiring of the three. Apprarently he hated photography when he was much listen to his past stuggles and to see him now as a master of what he used to hate showed how life works in a very funny way. I used to love photography until the advent of Digital SLR, which significantly increased people's interest in photography and as well as those who think they know it all.

I ain't the guy that usually follow the trends and popularity (such as the case with iPhone), but after listening to Alvin and looking at his work of art I take a slightly different stance towards digital photography in general. I know I just said "slightly", but better than nothing right?

Here's the group photo of delegates & friends at the event. (Taken from the Sarawak Bloggers website)

It may be just a small group but I definitely enjoyed the night :) I look forward to the next one!

Read more about this event here.