Friday, August 12, 2011

Enfin, Délifrance à Kuching!

Ah yes, Délifrance. Together with Dave's Deli, Kenny Rogers and Oliver's Sandwiches, Délifrance was one of the 'new' franchises I learnt of when I first moved to Subang Jaya in 1996. It was the branch in Subang Parade where I had my first taste of Délifrance. I can't quite recalled what I had then, but I believed I had some bites of their famous croissant as well as their mushroom soup. I supposed that was my first taste of French food.

Fast forward to 2011. And after years of waiting, Délifrance is FINALLY HERE IN KUCHING!

Can Délifrance charmed the Kuchingites with its French cuisine? That's what the management of Délifrance will find out by inviting the Kuching bloggers (myself included...despite the lack of updates...) to have a food tasting session at the newest cafe in town last week.

"What took you guys so long to open??"

I noticed there was a bunch of baguettes at the side of the registration table. A symbol of French culture :) Do read this for its interesting history.

So while we wait I took some wannabe "creative" shots like this:

or this

or this

Ok, fine I don't do photo shots well. I am blaming on my digicam lol.

I must say the interior of this Délifrance is not the ones I was used to in Subang Jaya/Kuala Lumpur; in fact this looked more inviting to come. It has similarities with Starbucks if I must compare.

The one I never got to try. Yet.

This was the first appertizer, the Mini Blueberry Apple Danish and of course, my long-awaited Butter Croissant!

I ate the Mini Blueberry Apple Danish first.

Upon my first bite, my taste buds had a surprising enjoyment from its sweet, fruity cream. The pastry that holds the cream had a nice, slightly crispy (for the lack of a better word) taste which goes together with the sweetness of the blueberry apple.

Then I had the Butter Croissant.

I read that a good croissant has to be flaky, buttery, not too big and airy and unravels nicely when you pull the ends. This one seems to match most of it!

While it could use just a bit more butter in it, basically it was what I've been missing for the longest time: a good, tasty croissant! This would definitely be my "must order" the next time I return to Délifrance.

As we waited for the main course, Mr. Gabriel Hii, General Manager of Hills Management introduced himself together with his team. I would love to see Délifrance be successful in Kuching under their care :)

From left: John (F&B Consultant, Délifrance), Janice (Operations Manager, Délifrance), Gabriel Hii (General Manager, Hills), Sabrina Douglas (Marketing Manager, Hills), Mary Rachael (Marketing Executive, Hills) & Goh Sheng Hui (Senior Leasing Executive, Hills).

This is the main course; a couple of ciabattas.

I wasn't expecting sandwiches to be honest.

By the way, did you know 'Ciabatta' literally means "carpet slippers" in Italian? God bless Wikipedia for that!

The two ciabattas come in two types:

This one being the Ciabatta Beef Pepperoni S'preme...

...while the other being the Ciabatta Tuna D'licious.

While the bread has a nice, crisp crust I personally felt the bread should not be plain but with bits of black olives, seeds or any additional ingredients to make it tastier. While my brother did not fancy the raw white onions in it, I could actually enjoy the tang of the onions. We both agreed red onions would be the better choice though.

While awaiting for the desserts.

The last was the desserts. I was given a slice of Mango Delights and a slice of Opera Cake.

The Mango Delights had just the right amount of mango flavour and the Opera Cake had a delicious sweetness to it. However I was hoping the slices would be bigger to truly appreciate the depth of the cakes.

At the end of the food tasting session, I was given a loaf of baguette to try at home. According to Irene, the way I hold the baguette is very manly.

So what's the future of Délifrance Kuching? I reckon the pastries would sell well, and with some improvements over the ciabatta and possibly the rest on the menu as well as some aggressive
marketing I believed Délifrance will be at Hills Shopping Mall for quite a long while.

In the meantime, at least I know where to get a good Croissant now :)


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