Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DJ Patricia K? Or DJ Joey G?

Several weeks back, I dropped by BarZ!ng with my friends from KL to listen to the babalicious DJ Patricia K. A mix Danish-Chinese, I was keen to see how exotic she looked in my own eyes and just as importantly, to hear if the co-host of Maxis Football Extra has what it takes to be on the DJ console. All without prior research on her on YouTube.

We arrived around midnight, expecting the club to be full house and her rocking away the music.

However, it wasn't the case. Unlike the time I went for DJ Mari Ferrari, there's nothing of what you called a crowd there. Odd, it's midnight leh not 9.30p.m. why no crowd?

In a way I'm glad there wasn't much party-goers at BarZ!ng that night as that meant I could watch DJ Patricia K in full glory! Perverted it might sound but I <3 mix looks!

Hot and all sexiness aside, there's something about her and her work as a DJ. No, her music did not suck. It was not great but it was acceptable and a lil' bit different. Something else disturbed my time there. And I figured why:

-What is DJ Joey G doing at BarZ!ng?-


I did not see him at BarZ!ng Facebook advertisement. So why did I ended up watching him on the console more than DJ Patricia K? If the advert featured the couple then that's fine...but I DID NOT COME TO BARZ!NG TO WATCH HIM PERFORM!

Don't get me wrong. He's a cool guy, but I came to see his girl do her work, not him doing her work! Which leads me to another question...

Was the music I've been hearing at the club her work? Or his work?

Gutted to have seen more of him than her in my brief time at BarZ!ng, we decided to do some pub-hopping; we even attempted to find some dodgy massage at Chong Lin Park after.

Of course, I did not leave the building without a photo of DJ Patricia K :)

Maybe she did performed on her own much earlier. Maybe she's new and has DJ Joey G to train her up. But until she's back in Kuching performing I can't be quite sure if I like her style.

Or I could just ignore my own thoughts and just cuci mata.

For more photos of the event, click here.