Friday, October 28, 2011

A bigger Switch for the iLovers

"Hah! You really did go for the Steve Jobs look huh?" my brother said with a wide grin.

"Yea, well, I just wanna know what's it like to follow his fashion style..." I said. Not in full enthusiam mind you. In fact, I'm not sure why I went all metrosexual when I was invited to cover the grand launch of Switch at the Spring Shopping Mall last Sunday. 

Normally on a weekend I'll love to wear a football jersey, jeans and sandals; obviously that particular Sunday was not a norm.

So anyway, Switch used to be located at the corner nearby DiGi and while it was a prominent area, it was just 600 square feet. That's pretty small space for a company that sells one of the biggest brands in the world: Apple.

Now of course, it got bigger. 2000 square feet bigger...that's 3.3 times bigger! And they didn't grow bigger without a reason: Switch Spring has upgraded from Apple Authorized Reseller (AAR) status to Apple Premium Reseller (APR) status.

What's the difference you asked? Well, when Switch Spring was under AAR  they can sell only a selected range of Apple software and hardware. Now with APR, they don't just provide the full Apple products, but they now have a training room which they can provide classes for customers to help them familiarize with their Apple products.

How awesome is that?? Oh, they have a service centre too. The only Apple Service Provider in East Malaysia somemore (There's four in Malaysia). So iHooray for the Apple lovers! (By the way, Switch pretty much took over the store where Nokia once stood...kesian Nokia)

Of course, no launch is complete without activities yea? So with the help of photos to narrate this was basically what happened at the event:

Customers testing out the iPods

Boys playing Fruit Ninja on the iPad2
Guess what iPod model is this?
Then & Now: My iPod Nano 1st Generation (left) and the iPod Nano 6th Generation (right)
Something that excite us bloggers...
I'll like this in my room :) 
Cyril winning an iPad2 cover from a pop quiz

If only that website was actually painted on the wall...

  • Fruit Ninja Competition: I thought of joining this at first so I practiced playing Fruit Ninja the night before...gosh I sucked at it! 

One of the Top 10 Finalist slicing away fruits like a Samurai

The kid in white is the winner with 219 points. 

  • Treasure Hunt: Unfortunately I did not take much on this as the hunt started two hours after the original schedule. But I do know who's the winner and it's that...

...boy in the middle, Fahriee. He and his partner won an iPod Shuffle each. It's only natural for an Apple fanboy like him to win an Apple event! But he did something wonderful to his prize.

Best thing for me at this event? The lunch provided was fantastic! Kudos to the management for picking Banquet as their caterer.

I must say though...sorry Steve, your fashion style is not my style!

(Watch this space for a video!) 


Rodz Nocturne said...

Bro, I "steal" some of your switch photos can? I lost all mine :(

Ah_Mike said...

No problem bro!

Elisha said...

Waaah, when was this event happening? I didn't even know they "switched" to other place. Went to the Spring and was shocked that the Apple store has closed. Hehe..