Wednesday, October 05, 2011

It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's...

...just me having the most awesome 10 seconds of my life this year!

I'm sure from the video you just saw, you could feel my adrenaline and my euphoria of being up in the air!

And nope, I did not pissed in my pants. Nor did I puked afterwards, or had jelly legs. For this, I am proud of myself (put a star sticker on me will ya? :D)!

Anyway, my excitement aside, this reverse bungee jump (also known as the The Elevator/bungy ejector) was available for the public during last month's Sarawak Regatta. For RM30 (normal price RM60), it sure was very reasonable for some adrenaline rush! Not to mention an awesome view of the Sarawak river as well as the IWWF Wakeboard World Cup that was also happening that time. Well, only for 10 or so seconds at least.

Oh, kudos to the organizers who brought The Elevator in; it certainly made Sarawak Regatta a much more interesting event to go to. Otherwise, you wouldn't have expected Cyril to blog about his orgasm over his 'jump'!

They should have this bungy ejector more often in Kuching really. As Fahriee would have said, we don't get a lot of fun around Kuching so this is very much a big welcome!

You know, it would be interesting if this machine is setup at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching. Hmm that's a thought...

Oh yea, I was given a second chance to go up again. And I heard my friends demanding for a somersault. Well then...


If you want more info on The Elevator check out


Timothy said...

fun. like to do it sometime. hehehe. was not in kuching though during that time. maybe someday sometime