Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank you, 2011.

Thank you 2011 for the many of the good, the bad  and the weird memories.

This year was definitely the most year of my life in terms of travel. Not only did I travelled to Thailand not once but twice this year, but I was very fortunately to travel to the European continent, particulary the chance to travel to Gdansk, Poland.

I may have missed out on travelling to Europe the last two years despite a promise by the company I would...but I am glad the company has now allowed me to travel to Europe. I learnt so much only on the work and career side of the trip, but also the Polish culture as a whole. The trip truly changed my perception on Poland as a whole.

The Thailand trips: first was earlier in January to Bangkok and Pattaya, while the second was recently to Krabi in November. To say I've not fallen in love with the country is a lie! I love the food, I love the adventure of travelling alone early in the year, and I love the beautiful Hong Island at the Krabi province which I had my close friend Daniel to thank for.

Sadly, there was a big scar to my life from the most recent trip: I had my smartphone stolen on my way back from Krabi to KL in the plane. Long story. But it was enough to traumatise me to not think of any travelling for the first six months of 2012! Damn it 2011, I saved my hard-earned money for that smartphone...and I only had it for three months! If God wanted to punish me, then it was such a cruel way.

2011 was also a year where I made new friends. Unfortunately I've also had friendships broken, and the was enough hated of mine towards certain individuals...enough for Buddha to not forgive me I shamefully admit. I had a couple of horrible colleagues, and I had to deal with people I still feel they do not deserved to be in the town I called home.

That said, I am also glad I had some of the best nights in 2011 with a circle of friends. Especially the boys from Sarawak Bloggers. To my brothers Fahriee, Rodz, Cyril, Kim and Reyes, I thank you for the non-stop laughter from all the reference of "Sio Bee" and all the other talk-cocks we had whenever we met!

Oh sure, I still haven't found love. I was certain there were chances with several ladies I had met here in 2011, but I'm afraid my Cupid seemed to have a poor shot accuracy. But I wouldn't blame him; I wasn't really serious to begin it. I had a career to focused, debts to clear, money and power to be obtained. I supposed until love has proven me otherwise, I shall stick to "friends with benefits" if you know what I mean.

Oh, how could I forget my family, who has been supportive of me when I had my troubles!

Ok, enough rant. I must head off to a pot-luck dinner and the clubs for the countdown to 2012. 2011 isn't the best year I ever had, but it was definitely far better than the last three years.

Thank you once again, 2011.


Cyril Dason said...

awesome year bro!! Poker night soon to talk more.. hehe

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Nice reading about u.