Friday, December 09, 2011

#twtupkch - Game lounges tips and tricks

(Right I shall challenge myself to write each sentence of this blog within the Twitter standard of 140 characters.)

#twtupkch (Tweet-Up Kuching) is an event by Sarawak Bloggers which will be happening at The Spring tomorrow from 11am to 4pm+.

#twtupkch basically gets people who use Twitter to meet other Twitter users, be friends and play games together.

There will be 354 'tweeps' who will be attending (not sure if all of them are coming la) which means you're sure to make new friends!

Now, if you're naturally competitive like me you'll want to win all the games from the game lounges at the #twtupkch event.

The list of games tomorrow include: Arm wrestling, Jenga!, Monopoly, BINGO, PC & PS2 games, Cangkul and UNO.

Normally I wouldn't give gaming tips (Kiasu mah), but I feel good today so here's a quick tip for each game above:

Arm wrestling:
When ready to finish your opponent, rotate your body so your shoulder is in line with the direction you want your arm to go.

Push it gently: if it refuses to budge, try another piece.

Railroads are better to own than utilities, but utilities should be purchased if the opportunity arises (esp. if you can get both of them).

One strategy to increase your odds at Bingo is to play as many cards at one time as you can; but do be careful!

PC & PS2 games:
Well it depends on the games; just surf to for the game that's currently being played. Heh.

To be honest I dunno! 

Save your draw cards and wild cards; you'll need them to stop someone from winning the round.

Yes, I heard you scream "WTF these tips is so obvious!"...of course la it's obvious 'cause I kiasu mah!

Hehe anyway that's what Google is for right?

So let's meet up at #twtupkch tomorrow & challenge each other to any friendly game above...except Cangkul. Yes I never played it before!